Motivation Monday!!


The pursuit of perfection is that place in your head that has you rewriting a sentence 5 different times just to make a simple point.  It is putting the final details on a project and feeling like it needs something else.

The pursuit of perfection will have you looking at yourself, wondering if you couldn’t use just a little color here and tuck there.

It is our innate need to be seen as someone who has it all together, someone people admire. In business, it is our desire to be seen as an expert in our field. You want to be the premiere company to provide your service or product. When everyone else thinks you are doing an awesome job and you can only think of things you can improve on then you have reached a point to upgrade your thinking.  Level Up. Stop beating yourself up and realize that although it seems like you are your own worst enemy, you don’t have to be.

It is ok not to be perfect! Yes, life goes on and your business will not tank. YOU are what makes everything around you unique. No one else was meant to be in this spot, at this point… but you. Stop thinking that you need to improve on something or someone when all you need is the belief that you can succeed and the determination to get it done.

Think about all the ideas you have had at this point. All the interactions it took to get you here. You were designed to soar in a way that is meant for you. There is a big difference between bettering yourself and looking to obtain perfection based on what others may want. Don’t worry about how anyone else perceives you or your work. Focus on what makes you happy. Once you get in the groove of believing in your own work you will find that everything comes a little smoother and with less stress. You will realize that the only opinion that truly matters is yours. Battling your own inner insecurities one by one will cause the feelings of inadequacy to slowly melt away.  These thoughts will seem like a thing of the past.

The same should apply to your personal life. It is OK not to be superwoman or superman sometimes. Don’t feel bad saying “NO, I just don’t have the time”. You will thank me later.

In reality YOU are perfect! You were created PERFECTLY for a PERFECT life just for YOU! So what are you waiting for? Be a wonderful, perfect, one of a kind you!



If It Doesn’t Scare You…


If your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.

I was scrolling through FB (giving my brain a break; a topic I will discuss in the future) and I came across a post that one of my very good friends put up. It said “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”. I stopped and smiled. The biggest truth in just one sentence.

How many of you are afraid to start a business? How many of you are afraid to go back to school? Take that class? Go for that new promotion? Ask your DREAM MATE out?

The reality of achieving your goals can be frightening. Especially when you have been working for so long and so hard. You go over this decision in your head then you self-sabotage. You tell yourself right now isn’t a good time to start a business. You don’t have the time. Offering your services/products to your circle of friends, co-workers, and family is what you’re used to. You’re not that good to market to a large group of people. All things you tell yourself. You become content in your stale mate. Your life is ok. You have time to work on those goals… that business… Your family. When the reality is you’re scared.

I know… I know… your like nope. I am not. But although we don’t like to say things to ourselves sometimes you need to “check yourself”. Grab that part of you saying hold on, in a firm voice tell yourself.



If you are thinking about your dreams, stressing about your goals, working overtime to get it done then you are on the right path. If you can accomplish it all with a breeze… then you are underachieving.

Why are we afraid of our greater selves? Because it means everything that anyone has ever said COULDN’T be done WILL BE done. In the end you realize that you are greater than you ever thought.

It’s deadly when one realizes that everything that was against him is for him and the path becomes clear.

Remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough.

Motivation Monday!!

Today I woke up and it was so warm outside. The sun was a little clearer and I could even see the green coming back in the grass. I was enthusiastic about the day. Even the energy in the house seemed ready for the world. Spent my 15 minutes in solitude and emerged with determination. This week I challenge you all to accelerate your vision. Change your thinking to a more firm, determined stance. Don’t just THINK it might work, BELIEVE it will.

A change in your thinking will cause a change in your life. If you are sitting around sad, depressed, stressing, frustrated, or any other colorful term we use as an excuse to why you’re not out here obtaining your dreams then it’s time to get moving.  YOU hold all the cards in building your dream. Your business, your life. No one can cause you to fail but yourself and I assure you, you were not designed to fail!

Even in the worst times, muster up the courage to find the strength to move. There is no way you are going to achieve success by sitting around talking about it. Start saying to yourself “I CAN do this”. Little by little this will take hold. Practice this every day and then add in “I WILL do this”. First you were reeling yourself in. Bringing yourself back from the brink (So dramatic I know… but you get the picture). Now you begin to not only tell yourself this but DEMAND it as well. Heck you KNOW this! And no one should be able to tell you different.  No one WILL!

This little step. This little change. Will start to be reflected in little things you see along your day. For me, it was waking up and seeing a beautiful day. After a blizzard just came through a week ago, the ground was muddy, but the sun rose and the rays reflected an array of colors that should have been captured on film. The atmosphere switched to a feeling of empowerment. Opening the blinds became an act of awakening. And after my cup of coffee I became my usual superwoman self, ready to take on the day.

Change in your thoughts. Change your life.

Totally Free Fridays

Is it strange to feel guilty about having fun? Is that just me? For most of us entrepreneurs we work all week long, late nights, building our dreams with blood, sweat, and tears. Then we feel guilty when asked to go hang out or do ANYTHING other than working on our businesses.

Totally wrong.

A balanced life is essentially the best thing you can do for yourself. I would often find myself so immersed in projects that I could work through 2 WHOLE DAYS with no sleep and not even blink. I would take breaks here and there but every spare second was spent on whatever I was working on. Friends would call or stop by to get me to come out the house. But I always felt like every second I can spare I should be working on my business. I became so wound up, stressed, and on edge. Working non-stop was making me very cranky! And not a very pleasant person to be around…

So… I changed.

I started setting working hours for myself and stuck by them. I started to go out by myself more. No longer “opted out” of the offers to hang out. Keep in mind the whole time I am still working. I am now working smarter, not harder. By working those long nights and focusing so much on my projects I neglected my body and essential need for social interaction. Pushing your body to the limit with little sleep is never good. I started allowing myself to not feel guilty about needing a break. I mean really… who needs a break from building their dreams???…. Apparently me.


Going out and spending time doing something I used to do all the time. Hanging out with my friends. Getting at least 5 hours of sleep. ALL fueled my creativity. The extra rest gave me energy but being around so many different people sparked my creative fires! I was doing NEW things like heading out to the opening of a Vietnamese restaurant or going to a Wine and Beer festival just for fun. Doing new things is another way for you to step out of your comfort box and truly enjoy yourself. Most of all. I could breath. I was less stressed, better focused, and determined to WIN more than ever.

So this weekend I want you guys to do something for you. You have worked hard this week. You earned it!

Take Your First Step

I woke up this morning to get started on my day feeling as if everything was okay, yes, but more like…. What should I do to push myself more?

I instantly knew what needed to be done. Not because it just magically hit me, but because I had been in that “place” before. You know… that dreaded head space that we all slip into. It can happen at work, it can happen at home, it can happen in relationships. We just get… well… BORED. Everything becomes the same. Same drive to work. Same run to the store. For the SAME items you got last time. Same date with the spouse that you ALWAYS do on date nights… you know… dinner and a movie? It’s what you are used to. It is what makes life easier… knowing what comes next. We think that’s a good thing but it’s not… stay with me here.

Our regular routines become mundane but we don’t change them because we KNOW that routine. We know what’s going to happen if we do this. We know what’s going to happen if we make this move. We know what’s going to happen if everything just stops. What we are afraid of is change. It’s easy to say that’s not it. But of course it is.

If you tied your shoes in a bunny loop for 20 years… then I come by and say “If you switch to doing it this way I can promise you that you will walk better and that will in turn help with your health” (Not sure if that’s true). Would you do it? How easy would it be? Did the promise of a healthy living help at all? For most of us no. We try it out with all our might! But in the end it is really a mind game. You have to change the way you are thinking in order to receive the desired result. So we revert back to the same thinking because this new change seems difficult.

BUT IT’S NOT! We just think it is. In fact the most difficult part about the change is actually STARTING it. If you can start it you are closer to your goals and those finish lines.

When I was complacent I got comfortable in what was doing, places I was going, people I was interacting with. Change seemed too risky and the old way was just fine. My same group of people were just fine. But in order to be great I needed to make the changes needed in my life. My routine had to change. My circle had to Level Up. If I was going to be what I wanted then I had to step out of that comfort box and battle complacency HEAD ON. It didn’t mean the way I was doing it before wasn’t correct. It meant if I wanted to help people, build brands, work on dreams and turn them into realities… Then I must start with my own and COME OUT OF THAT BOX!

Complacency will have you feeling like THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH! But is it really? Are you where you want to be in life? Have you used that gift you know you have? Created that business that has been churning in your head for the last 5 years? Put that plan in motion!  LEVEL UP!

Step out of your comfort zone. Try something new. It doesn’t have to be a direct link to what you are working on. Simple changes… Start your day out with time to reflect on self, go over your planner, and then get ready can make a HUGE impact. You will notice that you are more centered and ready to SEIZE THE DAY! (I always loved that saying!)

Change can seem hard. But I guarantee you, once you reach that goal you will thank yourself for having the courage to…

Take that first step
Release Complacency
Live in YOUR Dream World

YOU have to live in your space. Make your space is what YOU want it to be? It’s just that simple.

Motivation Monday!!

Well Hello All!

It’s Motivation Monday! And I am B. Just in case you were wondering I cook, clean, and do dishes too! Lol…. No, seriously I just love to help people. I believe in focusing on one’s inner motivation, channeling that, and helping them push out their vision. Making it a reality! Welcome to my very special space. So lets get down to it.

Most of us woke up this morning, looked outside, shook our heads, and decided if we were going to get up. This makes 4 days in a row of being shut in. Talk about CABIN FEVER! Just like any other Monday, I woke up looking forward to today. Although, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of the snow just to get out the house! Crazy right? I wished for snow just to have those couple of days to spend time with my family, and maybe even snuggle with the boo. Soooooo regretting that now.

These last 4 days have gotten to me! I know you all feel the same way. Kids have eaten everything in the house, you have watched every DVD you own, every show on Netflix, and even the dog is getting on your nerves. Right now you would take just being able to go up to the small store on the corner just to say you went. Yup. That’s me. So how do we counteract that feeling?

Take this time to self-meditate. Through self-meditation you are able to bring yourself into a center of peace that will stabilize your core. I know…sounds like exercise right? I am not talking about yoga here. I am talking about taking 5-10 mins of your day in total peace and silence. Allow your thoughts to calm so you can focus on specific moments. For some, this is the time when we feel closer to a higher being. For others, this time allows you to truly connect with yourself. For everyone, this time should allow you to organize your thoughts and prioritize for the new day. Our purpose for self-meditation is to maintain a positive mind set.

Take this snowy Monday to begin your week with a calmer being and a relaxed feeling. As for me I have completed my 15 mins (I know…I had a LOT to ponder on) and I am now getting ready to snuggle up with some Hot Chocolate and a Book!

Well…maybe it’s really a bowl of ice cream. But hey! A girl needs her sweets! 😉